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The Straight Way Lost – Adventure & Sourcebook for 5e – is available in our shop as well as on DriveThruRPG.

The Straight Way Lost is a 400-page book that is one part sourcebook and setting guide for fantasy gaming in a Renaissance that never quite was, and the other part an earth-shaking adventure of intrigue, terror and triumph.

This gripping adventure for 5e is set in a fantastical version of Renaissance Italy and features a voyage between Heaven and Hell inspired by that most renowned of Italian poems, the Divina Commedia. Extensive background chapters detail everyday life in the Italian Renaissance, the worldview of its protagonists and the supernatural aspects unknown to most people, as well as extended character creation guidelines tailored to the setting.

Coming in pdf and offset print, The Straight Way Lost is lavishly illustrated with 140 full-color artworks by Jana Heidersdorf, Gwenevere Singley and Mark Smylie. STL-files for miniatures, wonderful maps and an atmospheric soundtrack enrich your roleplaying experience.

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